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We want to provide the energy we serve every day by improving the quality of our customers’ livelihoods.

The main concept of our mission is our vision. We want to be the leading company for hydrocarbon in Albania.

We develop the energy that improves and empowers the lives of people we collaborate with.

The foundations of our company are built on our values, which differentiate and guide our actions to deliver the results we have. We develop our business in a social and environmental way, respecting the law and universal human rights to benefit communities where we work.

We are passionate about achieving results and we are constantly trying to improve. We are responsible for our actions and results. We apply proven processes in a convenient way for our goals and we always seek new and innovative solutions.


We are leading company in this field, We do our best to have satisfied customers.

EiDA is the largest hydrocarbon company in Albania. EiDA has been one of the first oil importers in Albania. Over the years, EiDA became the country’s leading oil hardening company, developing its technology and cooperation with hundreds of large Albanian and foreign businesses.

Dream Big

Inspiring Solutions

Creating EiDA has been difficult, has always required the right strategies to push progress and growth. According to the commercial law of the Albanian Government, EiDA was established to run a business in the Albanian hydrocarbon market and acts as an importer and exporter of petroleum products and by-products in response to the status of the national economy and the local market. Our company has increased the supply of fuel and oils across the country to meet the growing needs of consumers. In addition, to meet international standards, our company has built and improved its capacity, supply services and technical equipment. These include logistics, fuel, storage facilities, our restaurants and bars at every supply station.

Frident Kuqi
CEO & Founder
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Diversity and involvement 100%
Integrity and trust 100%
Customer Satisfaction 100%
Cooperation 100%
Protect people and the environment 100%
Safety and Health

Our employee health and safety is our priority. We do our best to protect our communities and the environment. We serve world-class performance with a focus on preventing incidents with major consequences.


Our experience gives us the prospect of identifying new opportunities and developing unique wealth-based on the dynamic market bases.


We build reliable relationships by cooperating with our communities, governments, customers, suppliers, and other business partners. We become more successful when our partners achieve success with us.

20+ years of experience in giving you better results.

We are passionate about achieving results and we are constantly trying to improve. We are responsible for our actions and results.