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What are the most beautiful areas to cross by yacht?

The most beautiful areas of our country to travel by yacht are the bays and caves found in the Ionian Sea (Karaburun Bay, Sazani, Grama Bay, Arusha, Haxhi Aliu Cave, Gjipe, Ali Pasha Tepelena Castle, Dhërmi coast, Himara, Saranda). These bays, in addition to stunning natural beauties, are also filled with history and archeological sites. In this regard, the state should do as soon as possible their preservation and control, environmental protection, the cataloging of archaeological assets above and underwater, as well as the relevant laws with strict sanctions, if these assets are violated by tourists, be they, Albanian citizens. or foreigners.
There are also beautiful areas of the Adriatic Sea, where we can mention the Cape of Rodon with the castle of Skanderbeg, Rana and Hedhun in Shengjin.

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